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No More Hoping That Buyers Actually Open Your Emails... They Will ALL See Your Message, Instantly.
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3) It's Instantly On Their Screen
It's Really That Easy!
Works Everywhere Your Customers Are
Friend, You’re Letting A TON of Money Slip Right
Through Your Fingers… Here’s How To Get It Back.
You, and everyone else, are battling for the attention of your current and future customers. Every day, people are becoming more and more desensitized to email promotions. Email open rates are in the basement and organic social reach is becoming a thing of the past.

Face it, people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. I’m quite sure you understand this yourself, right?
Just think about the hundreds or thousands of emails sitting unread in your inbox right now... or even worse, the promotion tab... never to be seen again! 

Your marketing messages are ending up in the spam folder, the promotion tab, or buried under a sea of other emails that never get opened, seen, or read.
So What’s The Answer To Getting Your Online Visitors’ Attention Anytime You So Desire?
That’s the question that most online business owners are asking.
And honestly, the answer is simple.

You need something that will cut through the info overload and grab people by the eyeballs, so they just can't help but read your message.
Not sometime...
Not tomorrow...
Not in an hour...


Now you’re probably thinking,
“I’ve seen those things before, but do they really work?”
What happens when you hear that ‘ding’ from your phone? You IMMEDIATELY check it, right? Most people do. It might be a text from a friend... or a company or app is notifying you with an update.

Both of those are Push Notifications!

Major companies use push notifications because they flat out work. Imagine having that same power to get instant responses from the people you want to do business with.
Fact: If you aren't using Push Notifications on your websites, you're missing out on sales!

But don't take my word for it...
Let me give you some data to back it up:
Case Study #1
LeadPages (A Whopping 25% Increase In Click Through Rates)
We’re all familiar with LeadPages as one of the go to landing page builders online. When it comes to a database of customers, LeadPages is no slouch.

But just to give you an idea of how powerful push notifications are for LeadPages, if a customer is worth $1000 to them overtime and they are able to achieve a 25% increase in clickthrough rates an retain that for optins and funnel purchases, then that could be anywhere from an extra $250,000 in revenue to 2.5 million dollars!

However, given the size of their company, it could very well be more than that.
Case Study #2
Arcaplanet (Converts 500,000 Visitors Into Loyal Customers)
Let me ask you a question. What would an extra 500 customers do for your business? I’m quite sure it’d change the scope of your bottom line right?

Well imagine only doing 1/100th of what Arcaplanet did with push notifications and getting an extra 5,000 loyal customers! That’d be enough to retire on for some people or even sell their online business for massive profit. 
Case Study #3
Credit Loan (22% Lift In Revenue Using Push Notifications)
Loans are one of the main structures of just about any economy and by using the power of push notifications, Credit Loan was able to increase their revenue by 22%!

That means that if they were doing 1 million dollars a year (hypothetically speaking), then just by using simple push notifications, they’ve added another $220,000 to their bottom line for very little work.

Must be nice. ;-)
Case Study #4
Interactivity Digital (Achieves 36% Click Through Rates For Client’s Webinars)
We see it all the time now how so many marketers are complaining of low webinar attendee rates.

But by using the power of push notifications, you can boost those rates just like Interactivity Digital does for its clients.

That could be the difference between a 4 figure sales webinar and a 6 figure sales webinar!
But… There's One Problem I Need To Mention…
See, right now there are other apps that give you the option to create push notifications... BUT they can look outdated, suffer from ad blocking, and just downright be a pain to get up and running with complicated code.

Or even worse, you have to pay a monthly fee and are locked into subscriptions that only drain your wallet dry.

So, it leaves you with a couple of options:
Develop Your Own Code and Software
  •   At least 30 days to design your very own push notification software.
  •  Find outsourcer on a site like Upwork
  •  Pray that you don’t get bamboozled with stolen code
  •  Or worse, code that’s so full of bugs, your app looks like an Egyptian plague
  •  Risk your code getting reused for other clients
  •  Worst of all, pay for it all to be developed and maintained, day in and day out... which could easily run you $2,000-$3,000 a month
Use A Breakthrough Revolutionary Technology All Ready To Go Straight Out The Box
The smart option...

Tap into proven developed software that’s way ahead of any other push notification software on the market.

You could be ready to go in the next 5 minutes while saving yourself a ton of headache and frustration from all of the above.

Luckily for you, we’ve already created that solution…
Lucky for you, we’ve already created that solution…
The #1 Push Notification Solution That Will Get You More Clicks, Subscribers, Customers, and Profits... All With The Click of A Button!
Are push notifications new? Absolutely not. We won’t insult your intelligence like that.

But what we’ve done is we’ve built a better mousetrap.

It’s like we’ve stripped down a Kia Optima and turned it into a high end Porsche! 

(With 24 karat gold rims and flawless diamond spinners I might add…)
Plus, It’s Incredibly Easy To Get Started Using
PushPrime In Only A Few Simple Steps...
Step 1
Select Where You Want To Serve Push Notifications
Step 2
Add Your Website Information and API Credentials, (We’ll Show You How, It’s Really Easy!)
Step 3
Choose Your Content Options
Step 4
Copy and Paste The Code We Give You
And That’s It!
It can literally take a complete technological newbie 5 to 10 minutes to set up his/her first push notification campaign with PushPrime. 
But Why Not See For Yourself?
Tap Play To See PushPrime In Action!
As You Can See, PushPrime Is Unlike Any Other
Push Notification Software On The Market!
Take A Peek Under The Hood and See The
Power of PushPrime For Yourself…
When you get started today, you’ll be able to choose from two different versions of PushPrime... PushPrime 10k and PushPrime Unlimited.

You can choose your option below, but here’s a detailed look at what’s included:
Subscriber Data Storage
No storage fees... EVER. Your subscriber lists are stored on our servers, so you don't have to pay.
Push To Website
Attach any URL -- blog, website, online store, affiliate link, etc. -- to your notifications, so their clicks pay off!
Notifications On Demand
Day or night... Load up a notification in PushPrime, press send, and you’re good to go!
Real Time Analytics
Live stats show you your delivery and clicks, so you know which messages work the best.
Custom Sub-domain
Your very own custom PushPrime subdomain takes the tech hassle out of Push Notifications.
Firefox Push Notifications
Sometimes it’s difficult to get push notifications in front of FireFox users. But PushPrime makes this a cinch.
Chrome Push Notifications
Sidestep Chrome ad blockers -- Chrome users will get your messages loud and clear!
Android Push Notifications
The huge 2 billion Android users market will get your PushPrime push notifications... no problem!
Safari Push Notifications
Capitalize on Apple users in your market with Safari Push Notifications. (Requires Apple Developer Account)
Opera Push Notifications
Quite a few people use the Opera browser... And they'll all see your PushPrime Push Notifications.
Scheduled Notifications
Set Push Notifications to send exactly when you want, so your market sees them when THEY are online.
Reminder Notifications
Send site visitors a message if they haven’t been to your website after a certain time period.
Custom Notifications
Customize styles, colors, and text to match any website or theme where you serve your Push Notifications.
500 Beautiful Gradient Icons
Grab their attention and get your notifications noticed with these eyeball-grabbing icons.
But You’re Still Probably Wondering…

Can PushPrime Help Me Make More Money?

Sure! Let Me Give You Three Ways PushPrime Can Help You Put Thousands In Your Pocket In No Time...
Send Out Daily Deals
People love a great deal and there are so many companies who offer a special discount on products and services every day.

Now you can become your own kind of site like Groupon and have a daily deal to offer your visitors and customers.

But even better, you can also use PushPrime to send out special deals that you’re an affiliate for as well! 
Shopping Cart Abandonment
While we all love getting people to buy, studies have shown that there are people who abandon the shopping cart and don’t continue with their order.

Sometimes it’s due to another distraction or just thinking over the price.

With PushPrime, you can send those people back to complete their orders and increase your conversions and profits at the same time!

Offer a coupon of some sort to sweeten the deal and you’ll have people overloading your server while filling up your bottom line at the same time. 
VIP Club
People love to be part of a private VIP club.

Give your opt-ins early bird access to new products, exclusive sale events, and special customized discount packages, all just for opting into your push notifications…

...and watch those extra sales come in! 
PushPrime Is Already Worth Every Dime And Then Some
But Just To ‘Push’ You Over The Top, We’re Going To Make Getting Access To PushPrime Even More Irresistible By Giving You Some Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus 01

WordPress Plugin
Own a WordPress website or blog? Our bonus plugin will get PushPrime notifications up and running in no time!

Bonus 02

Joomla  Extension
Add our Joomla extension to your Joomla sites, and you’ll have PushPrime notifications hitting your site visitors right away!

Bonus 03

Magento  Extension
Add our Magento extension to your Magento sites, and you’ll have PushPrime notifications hitting your site visitors right away!

Bonus 04

500 Additional Gradient Icons
Grab PushPrime today and we will DOUBLE your icons, giving you a full 1,000 icons to pick from for eyeball-grabbing PushPrime notifications!
Test Drive PushPrime 30 Days Risk Free!
Either It Works Or Your Money Back.
I’m so sure that PushPrime will blow you away that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

That’s right. Take PushPrime for a full spin over the next 30 days. See for yourself how you’ll have the best push notification software available today bringing you more customers, leads, sales, and profits. 

And if PushPrime doesn’t perform like we say? 

We’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund. 

No questions asked. 
Choose Your Option Below To Get Started Today!
Frequently Asked Questions

Does PushPrime work on Windows? Mac?

PushPrime does not require downloading and installing, it is an online service that you log into. That means, it works on all operating systems. If you can visit a website, you can use PushPrime!

Can I use PushPrime on http websites?

Push Notifications require https or SSL certificate to be present on your server, but if your website doesn't have support https, you can still use PushPrime, but in that case notifications will be sent from a custom subdomain on PushPrime servers, you can select any subdomain you want and notifications will go from

Which websites are allowed to use PushPrime?

Almost all websites (http or https) are supported by PushPrime except the ones not allowed by our terms of service e.g. Porn Websites or Websites with Illegal Content.

Why doesn't PushPrime offer a free plan?

The services which offer free plans usually make money by selling the user data to advertisers, we don't believe in that. We believe in user privacy and that is why we don't offer a free plan.

Will PushPrime's push notifications work on all browsers?

At this time, PushPrime's push notifications work on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. They will work on Safari if you have an Apple Developer account. As well, they will work on browsers running on Android devices.

Does PushPrime work on mobile devices?

PushPrime works on mobile websites, we are in process of introducing support for native apps. But currently PushPrime is purely for web apps. PushPrime supports Google Chrome and Firefox on Android OS. No browser on iOS is supported due to restrictions from Apple.
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